Deemo Mod Apk v3.7.2 Download Games For Android

Nowadays, every other person is into comics and video games. What if you find a game that has both video games and comics? It will be a dream come true for all the video game and comic lovers. Deemo Mod Apk gives you an entrance into a unique and exquisite world of comic video game which means that your entire video game will be comic based. So now you can fulfill your desire of watching comics and playing video game simultaneously.

Deemo Mod Apk

This is a story based video game about a girl who has fallen from the skies and has entered into this earth. In addition to comic based game, it also is one of the finest tempo game availaible in the Google Play store till date. This game is a complete package of music, comic and video game.

Deemo Mod Apk

The protagonist in this game is Deemo Mod Apk who is an inexplicable man and is clueless about his life and his whereabouts. One day, a girl falls from the sky and shifts Deemo’s life upside down. In order to know what happened next, you have to download this absolutely amazing game and have an experience of your own. We are sure you will not regret it.

Deemo Mod Apk

Deemo Mod Apk Download Games For Android

App NameDeemo Mod Apk
Version          v3.7.2
Size21 MB
Requirement :Android 4.1+
Category :Music
MOD Offered By :Apkiu
Last UpdatedAPRIL 25, 2020


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Deemo Mod Apk


Different songs

There is a wide range of songs availaible in this game. The range of songs is approximately 40 to 60. Moreover, all these songs are are availaible in the story mode only.

Different genres of songs

The feature of song is not limited to the availaibility of different songs only, but this game also provides you with songs from different genres. Hence, you can select your song from your desired genre according to the story mode of your game.

Uncomplicated design

This game gives its users simple and convenient interface which makes it easier for everyone to play.

Share game on different social media apps

You can also share your game and your points that you have made in the game on different social media apps and flaunt it with your friends.

Unchain more songs

You can unchain more songs as the game steps forward. Hence, as much levels you cross, as much songs you will get. Furthermore, you will also be benefitted by plethora of original soundtracks of piano in different sorts which is being created by famous piano experts in the world.

Offline game

Another major feature of Deemo Apk game is the fact that it is an online game. So you do not have to hussle about having an internet connection because you can play it offline and kill your boredom.

Free version

The only drawback of this game is that the free version does not give you the opportunity of the story development as it gives in full version of the game.

Strong graphics

This game gives you amazing and eye catching graphics which make your experience of gaming even better and enchanced.

Attractive plot

The plot of this game is very attractive that you could not even budge from your place for hours. Hence, this game will not only kill your boredom, but it will also give you an experience to wonderful story.

There are some features in this game which are paid. Particularly, few songs in this game are paid.

Fixed bugs

Bugs and errors are being fixed in the latest update of this game by the developers.


The game sometimes gets crashed. Few of the users have complained about this issue and in the new update this problem will be sorted.

Few ads

You will find few and rare ads during your gaming experience of Deemo Apk. Ads is one of the biggest issue of the gamers while playing games, but this problem has been fixed by the developers.

Highly addictive game

With its entire splendid graphics, comics, musics and what not this game is highly addictive and you can spend hours and hours playing this game without even feeling an ounce of boredom or tireness.

Operating system

This game can be played on both operating systems; android and iphone. No matter which ever operating system you use, you can get access to it on any mobile and have fun.

Deemo Mod Apk

How to install?

In order to install this game you have to follow few simple steps which are mentioned below:

  1. Download “APK” in your gadget.
  2. There will be a folder given to you and paste a link given by the folder into the folder.
  3. Vola! You are done with the installation porcess and can get access to it now.

Deemo Mod Apk


1.      Is this game free?

Yes, this game is absolutely free and anyone can get access to it. Bu there are certain features for which you have to pay.

2.      Does it make the speed of your device slow?

No. it does make your device slow. It is not a heavy game.

3.      Are all the songs in this game free?

Almost all the songs are free of cost, but there are certain songs which are paid.

4.      How can I ace this game and be an expert in it?

In order to get expert in this game, all you have to do is follow the instructions given by the game and play it as much as you can. The more you get hang on it, the more you will become expert in it.

5.      What are some features availaible in the paid version?

Few of the songs are availaible in the paid version along with having a complete grip on story progress in the story mode.

Deemo Mod Apk Free
  • Gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Strategy


All in all this game is a hit for all the comic and video game lovers out there. You can conveniently kill your spare time while playing this game. This game is a big yes for all the gamers in the gaming industry.

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