Soccer Stars Mod Apk v4.6.0 Unlimited Money

Are you bored of playing those action games over and over again but still want to keep yourself entertained by playing some lighter games that does not create that much violence in your head? Are you a kind of a person who likes to play sports and even when you are not playing physically your body craves for sporty activities? Well, if you agree with the statements mentioned above, we have found just the right game for you named as Soccer Stars Mod Apk which will help you satiate the sports enthusiast inside you.

This game is crafted to perfection with its amazing graphics that are the most important in making a game hit rather than a miss. Apart from that, this game gives its players a high competition which helps them thinking strategically, in return, enhancing their competitive skills. Soccer star is also a multi action game play which is highly essential in a game as many people like to play games with their friends rather than individually. Soccer Stars Mod Apk is also easy to get a ha ng of and gets downloaded in android application in just a few steps. Overall, a perfect fit for people who has sports as a number one priority and thinks it’s fun to be sporty.

Soccer Stars Mod Apk

Soccer Stars Mod Apk Unlimited Money

App NameSoccer Stars Mod Apk
Size:53.6 MB

Android 4.0.3

Google Play:




Pros and Cons


  • Easy and basic game tactics

Some games are very complicated to learn and make strategies for, on the other hand, soccer star is very easy to play with easy controls that can be picked very easily.

  • High competition

The game is highly competitive which makes you think out the box strengthening your analytical skills.

  • Offline mode

This game can also be played offline which is bonus as often we get WFI issue, in those time rather than getting bored this game can be played.

  • Great graphics

This game also has realistic and great graphics which makes the game more visually pleasing and realistic to the eye.


  • Heavy application

This application is heavy which can make your phone functionality slower.

  • Hang

The game hangs a lot if the graphics setting are not lowered.


  • Unlimited coins

You can avail unlimited coins to upgrade the feature in this game to make it more interesting.

  • Multi action gameplay

This game also has a multiplayer which means you can enjoy with your friends.

  • Online tournaments

You can play online matches with your virtual friends also which enhances connectivity.

  • Win the cup

You can also win cup in the tournament which makes you strive hard to win

New Features

  • Play against friends

The very interesting thing about this game is that you can play against your friends which brings out competitive spirit.

  • Online and offline gameplay

This game can be played both online and offline.

How to Install

You need to click on the downloading link at first.

Then wait till the download is completed.

Now open the android folder and then click on the app.

Click on the install button and then it will be installed easily.


Is this game available on the Google play?

No! unfortunately this version of the game is not available on Google play but you can easily install it through the instructions and link provided.

Is the application heavy?

Yes! This application is fairly heavy upon download and the users need to clear up the space constantly to make sure that the phone’s functionality is not hindered.

Is soccer star free to download?

Yes! This game is free to download which is good news for many users seeking to download this game as no one wants to spend even a single penny on online and digital games until and un less it is on another level.

What are the potential setbacks?

The potential setback of this game is that the game hangs quite a few times if the graphics are not set at minimum, if you want a seamless experience always keep your game’s graphic settings on low.

Is it available all across the world?

Yes! This game is available worldwide, you can play it from any region of the world without worrying about any limitations.

  • Gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Strategy

Final Verdict

Lastly, if you are a sports addict and rather than looking for high action games you like to keep your options restricted to sports game then this is a great choice for you as it makes you learn a few amazing tips about soccer. This game has some amazing and basic features which every player mostly looks in a game prior to the download. It has multi action game play which makes it an appropriate game for a friend’s night, you can play with or against you game which induces adrenaline spike making people want to play this game again and again.  Also, a great thing about this is that you can play this game offline as well, whenever a person is travelling and the distance is longer without any internet access this is a great game to keep you entertained on those journeys. Moving on, this game is also fairly easier to download than other games available out there and that too without paying any price. What more can a person ask for? S go and download this game right now and enjoy it with your friends as well as polish your soccer skills at the same time.

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