Tekken Mod Apk v1.5 Unlimited Money and Gems Download

Tekken Mod Apk:The mere mention of the game Tekken brings back various different childhood memories. Nostalgia hits one instantly and memories associated with this game sprawl in front of our eyes. We cannot deny that we all at one time in our lives have played this game and felt extremely competitive as well.

Tekken Mod Apk

There are many types of this game that can be found and every individual’s experience with this game is distinctive. While some got addicted to this game and explored all available types in the market, other only stuck to one version and still play it from time to time till this day.

Tekken Mod Apk

Tekken Mod Apk is not just an ordinary game. It is full of action and players very easily get addicted to this game due to the competitive streak it arouses in people. The game provides the players with the option of several different fighters to choose from who possessing different capacities and capabilities.

Tekken Mod Apk

This game is simple in its nature but is immensely enjoyable and one edge that it has over other games introduced in the market is that a large proportion of people have developed an emotional connection with this game and sometimes it serves as an emotional thread connection their present with their past. The diversity present amongst the characters themselves is a sight that captivates the players.

Tekken Mod Apk

The settings especially the story mode keeps the game intresting for a very long time. What a player must discount is that they should concentrate and try to hold a command over this game and not try to think of it as too simple or easy. A gamer can achieve all the levels only if he is aware of what he is actually doing.

Tekken Mod Apk

Tekken Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems Download

App NameTekken Mod Apk
Latest Versionv1.5
Total Size38 MB
Minimum Android Version RequiredAndroid 4.4
Updated OnOCTOBER 29, 2018


Tekken Mod Apk



The graphics of this game much like the game itself are simple yet extremely enjoyable. The visuals are striking and the players get addicted very swiftly. Also what is more surprising is the fact that the graphics of this game are as good as the original one.

Sound Quality

It is primary a battling game and hence the sound quality is particularly focused on. All the sounds and background tunes and music apart from being pleasing mix very well together.


Even though one can get the hang of this game pretty quickly it is important to not consider the controls as too easy. To master the game itself one has to be well versed about the game’s control system.

Battling Game

TEKKEN Apk is a battling game where the players are allowed to move about the screen. It seems like a very simplified game at the first glance but it provides options for the players to carry out several different combats. Apart from that the distinctive feature of this game is its story mode, that keeps the readers hooked and wanting to unravel the story as they move up the levels.

Distinct Setting and Characters

Diverse characters and distinct settings are what keep this game interested. A lot of players pinpoint their favorite character out of a large number that is provided to a gamer to choose from. This connection of the gamers and the unique settings is what keeps the readers addicted and keep playing this game.

Smartphone Version

Players can easily access this game on their smart phones and can play it whenever and wherever they find it convenient. It takes off an additional pressure and hassle of re         quiring any other gaming equipment that is necessary for other games of this caliber.

A Basic Nostalgic Game

This game as everyone is well aware of is pretty basic, yet the emotional connection and memories connected to this game make it all the more special, addictive and nostalgic. As opposed to 90s children, people cannot deny the easy access and its availability on smart phones also makes this game very convenient to play.

Feature Update

TEKKEN Apk is an android adaptation of the much hyped console era that the 90s kids were all about. This version however boasts many other distinctive features of where the player can earn different cards and objects to unlock several different fighters. This keeps the players all the more engaging and they can eventually modify their characters.

How To Download

To download, one must follow the following steps:

  • First of all go to Google and type the name of the game that is ‘TEKKEN Apk’.
  • Click on the most searched and appraised connect
  • Click on the download button.
  • Run the programme after some minutes have passed. After you are finished downloading you may enjoy this game fully.


Can this game be played on portable devices?

People nowadays get an opportunity to play this game on their cell phones. Initially people were only able to play either on their PCs or on their gaming consoles.

Can I play this game on android phone?

Yes it is available on android phones.

Is this game safe to play?

Res it will cause such assured, this game is free from any type of viruses and it is unlikely that it will cause trouble to the players.

Tekken Mod Apk Free
  • Gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Strategy


TEKKEN Apk is an exceptional game that on first glance seems simple but is much complex then what it seems. The distinctive features coupled with the nostalgic feelings that it arouses it keeps people from all age groups hooked and intrigued for the longest of times. During the console gaming era it was hard to play it whenever a person desired but now as the technology has evolved people get the option of accessing it on their smart phones and play it as per their convenience.

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